Announcing our first Call for Scores!

We are looking to connect with emerging composers who are interested in experimenting with electronics in their music to develop and realize new works of electroacoustic chamber music together.

We are asking you to write a piece of music no more than five minutes in length that uses flutes, clarinets, keyboards and at least one electronic element. This may be using a tape track, processing/manipulating our instruments, and/or a MIDI instrument/synthesizer. These pieces may take the form of a notated score, instructions for an improvisation, or a graphic score we interpret.

In return we will record our individual instruments, mix the electronics and produce a digital album or two, alongside developing a new series of videos that demonstrate some of the ways we are combining electronics with our instruments.

Submissions for this project are open to the public from now through the end of summer. There are no fees to submit and each of us will be available to answer any question you have regarding our instruments, recording, or electronics.

   Call for Scores 2020 Terms & Conditions  

Our instrumentation:
  • Flute/Piccolo
  • Bb/A/Bass Clarinet
  • Upright Piano/Digital Piano/MIDI Keyboards
Software available to us
  • Ableton Live
  • MaxMSP
  • Logic Pro X
Examples of electronics in our music
  • Tape tracks/Layering multiple instruments
  • Hardware and software synthesizers/VSTs

  • Live Processing:
    • Delay/echo/heavy reverb
    • Filtering
    • Overdrive
    • Looping
    • Pitch modification